Murphy’s Red Ale

Posted by | February 28, 2014 | Beer Reviews, Now On Tap | 2 Comments
Murphys Irish Red Ale

Imported from Ireland. 5.00% ABV.

Irish red ales get their reddish hue from the small amounts of roasted barley they contain. Some manufacturers artificially color their beers red, and as a result some beers labeled “red ales” are not truly so. In America, darker amber ales are also sometimes labeled as “red ales.” Murphy’s Irish Red was originally brewed as Lady’s Well Ale in 1856. Lady’s Well, located across from the company’s brewery in Cork, has been a religious site for Catholics since the eighteenth century. Dutch beer juggernauts Heineken International purchased the brewery in 1983. This true Irish red is dry, crisp, hoppy and very carbonated with some signs of fruit and caramel.


  • Mary Kennedy says:

    Just purchased Murphy’s Red Ale, over the weekend. I bought it from Peapod. I would like to purchase it, locally. I live in Chicago, IL. Is there a distributor in Chicago?
    My relatives came from County Cork. Feels like a taste of “home.”

    Mary Kennedy

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