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Draft Beer

We have a dozen draft beer options. Many of which are within miles of Chicago. Also note that listed prices are our retail prices. On certain days of the week, if on special, your desired brew will cost less than listed below.

Draft Menu

Pabst Blue Ribbon
American Lager – 4.74%
Pint $2.00
Revolution Fist City
Chicago, IL
American Pale Ale – 5.50%
Pint $6.00
Revolution Sun Crusher
Chicago, IL
American Pale Wheat Ale – 5.30%
Pint $6.00
 Virtue Michigan Harvest Apple Cider
Fennville, MI
Cider – 5.50%
Pint $6.00
Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale
Kalamazoo, MI
American IPA – 7.00%
Pint $6.00
Maplewood Black Winter
Zion, IL
Saison – 6.7%
Pint $7.00
Pipeworks Lizard King
Chicago, IL
American Pale Ale – 6.50%
Pint $6.00
Bell’s Oberon
Kalamazoo, MI
American Pale Wheat Ale – 5.80%
Pint $6.00
Anchor Steam California Lager
San Francisco, CA
American Pale Lager – 4.90%
Pint $6.00
Begyle Flannel Pajamas Stout
Chicago, IL
American Stout – 5.40%
Pint $6.00
Stiegl Pils
Salzburg, Austria
German Pilsner – 4.90%
Pint $6.00
Begyle Blonde
Chicago, IL
American Blonde Ale – 5.40%
Pint $6.00

Bottle & Can Menu

While we feature a Draft Selection of primarily Craft Beers, we also have a decent variety of more common Packaged Goods. Also note that listed prices are our retail prices. On certain days of the week, if on special, your desired brew will cost less than listed below.

Bottle & Can Beer

Corona Extra
12oz Bottle $4.00
Amstel Light
12oz Bottle $4.00
Bud Light
12oz Bottle $3.00
12oz Bottle $3.00
Coors Light
12oz Bottle $3.00
Miller High Life
12oz Bottle $3.00
Miller Lite
12oz Bottle $3.00
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde
12oz Bottle $7.00
Heineken Lager Beer
16oz Can $4.00
16oz Can $4.00
Stiegl Radler
16oz Can $5.00
12oz Can $2.25
Old Style
16oz Can $3.00

Now On Tap
& Beer Reviews


Bell’s Winter White

Posted by | Now On Tap | No Comments

Fermented with a Belgian ale yeast, this blend of barley & wheat malts yields a mixture of clove and fruity aromas, all without the use of any spices. Deliberately brewed to retain a cloudy appearance.

Chicago Pilsner Review

Baderbräu Chicago Pilsner Review

Posted by | Beer Reviews | No Comments

From BeerAdvocate magazine Issue #67 (August 2012):

LOOK: Crystal-clear pale amber, well-laced glass

SMELL: Aromatic malts, herbal hops, spicy, clean, bready, wild honey

TASTE: Godly smoothness, loaf of bread, balanced bitterness, herbal, peppery, salt, honey, touch of toastiness, green tea, grassy, mildly citric; clean, semidry finish

A resurrected Chicagoland area brew from a decade ago that Michael Jackson the beer critic claimed was the “best pilsener I’ve ever tasted in America.” Fast forward 10 years and perhaps that is not the case anymore, though what we have here is a very good American craft beer. Not the kind of Pils we expected, but very good nonetheless.

Ten Ninety Imperial Witbier Review

Posted by | Beer Reviews | No Comments

Review by: lagrobp

look: 5
smell: 5
taste: 5
feel: 5
overall: 5

Don’t get hung-up because this doesn’t taste like Hoegaarden, this is an awesome wit that brings a little something extra to the table. Good on a summer day or when you’re hiding out from a blizzard.

Great wit flavors mix well with the honey for a slightly apricot/orange flavor, and an ABV that will make the Belgians take notice

Berghoff Dortwunder Review

Posted by | Beer Reviews | No Comments

Review by: RedRover

The beer is a chill hazed gold with a fairly thick white head.

Grains and grass on the nose.

The taste is slightly sweet with crackers, a bit of something earthy and a touch of pear. Berghoff seems to have changed their yeast strain as the bubble gum like esters are thankfully gone.

The mouth is medium thickness. I would like to see a bit more carbonation. All-in-all a fairly enjoyable beer.

5 Grass Hoppy Ale Review

Posted by | Beer Reviews | No Comments

Review by: DrDemento456

look: 3.5
smell: 3.25
taste: 3.75
feel: 3.5
overall: 3.75

A – A very weird shade of brown with tons of mini floaties throughout. Head was short lived just a 1/4 inch that fades to a mildly sticky lace ring.
S – Well it is quite grassy and I can smell some peppercorn along with some flowers? It’s an interesting smell I didn’t expect for a beer kind of smells like potpourri.
T – Very herbal and spices with an almost oaky finish. I really can’t taste the hops over the flood of sage and peppercorns but it is mild enough and balanced to drink. Second sip it taste more like tea leaves and berries. This beer is all over the place!
M – Kind of watery, not very hoppy but overall light to medium on the palate.

Overall a very balanced herbal beer but with a name like “5 Grass Hoppy Ale” I really expected more hops. Still it is quite good.

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