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Draft Beer

We have a dozen draft beer options. Many of which are within miles of Chicago. Also note that listed prices are our retail prices. On certain days of the week, if on special, your desired brew will cost less than listed below.

Draft Menu

Pabst Blue Ribbon
American Lager – 4.74%
Pint $2.00
Revolution Fist City
Chicago, IL
American Pale Ale – 5.50%
Pint $6.00
Revolution Sun Crusher
Chicago, IL
American Pale Wheat Ale – 5.30%
Pint $6.00
 Virtue Michigan Harvest Apple Cider
Fennville, MI
Cider – 5.50%
Pint $6.00
Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale
Kalamazoo, MI
American IPA – 7.00%
Pint $6.00
Maplewood Black Winter
Zion, IL
Saison – 6.7%
Pint $7.00
Pipeworks Lizard King
Chicago, IL
American Pale Ale – 6.50%
Pint $6.00
Bell’s Oberon
Kalamazoo, MI
American Pale Wheat Ale – 5.80%
Pint $6.00
Anchor Steam California Lager
San Francisco, CA
American Pale Lager – 4.90%
Pint $6.00
Begyle Flannel Pajamas Stout
Chicago, IL
American Stout – 5.40%
Pint $6.00
Stiegl Pils
Salzburg, Austria
German Pilsner – 4.90%
Pint $6.00
Begyle Blonde
Chicago, IL
American Blonde Ale – 5.40%
Pint $6.00

Bottle & Can Menu

While we feature a Draft Selection of primarily Craft Beers, we also have a decent variety of more common Packaged Goods. Also note that listed prices are our retail prices. On certain days of the week, if on special, your desired brew will cost less than listed below.

Bottle & Can Beer

Corona Extra
12oz Bottle $4.00
Amstel Light
12oz Bottle $4.00
Bud Light
12oz Bottle $3.00
12oz Bottle $3.00
Coors Light
12oz Bottle $3.00
Miller High Life
12oz Bottle $3.00
Miller Lite
12oz Bottle $3.00
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde
12oz Bottle $7.00
Heineken Lager Beer
16oz Can $4.00
16oz Can $4.00
Stiegl Radler
16oz Can $5.00
12oz Can $2.25
Old Style
16oz Can $3.00

Now On Tap
& Beer Reviews

Beer Review for Schlafly APA by Nick Antonopolous

Schlafly APA Review by Nick Ant

Posted by | Beer Reviews | No Comments

Nick Ant, Bucktown neighbor of The Corner Bar, decided to write up a quick review for our newest beer on tap – Dropped Hopped Pale Ale by Schlafly Beer.

“Being a regular craft beer drinker, I am always excited to try the new beer that the Corner Bar has on tap. This week I had the Schlafly Dry Hopped American Pale Ale. I am typically a fan of very hoppy beers. This APA has a light pine and citrus aroma with a tingle of grapefruit citrus hops taste. Not as overwhelming as some IPA’s, the Schlafly is sure to please a beer drinker that likes a little hops, but doesn’t want that overwhelming hoppy feel. Go try one for yourself on tap now at The Corner Bar!”

Thanks again, Nick!. Also, if you haven’t seen them yet, thanks to Nick and his photography skills, we’ve got a few awesome shots of Karaoke in action on a random Thursday Night a month or so back. Be sure to check them out!

Schlafly Dry Hopped Pale Ale in Chicago

Schlafly Dry Dopped APA

Posted by | Now On Tap | No Comments

Dry Hopped American Pale Ale (APA) is charged with American hops to create a bold, aromatic ale. Assertive hop flavor joins the pine/citrus aroma characteristic of American hops to balance the full body provided by North American malts. After fermentation, the beer circulates through a bed of Cascade and Chinook hops, boosting the distinctive hop aroma of this satisfying ale.

In the long view of the history of beer, American Pale Ale is a newcomer. Based on English Pale Ale, American brewers adapted this style into something new. Born out of the reverence English Pale Ales during the 1980’s American beer scene, APA is the bold, hoppier cousin of Pale Ale. With an emphasis on American hops, APA is gaining popularity with breweries racing to make these ales with such great hop characters.

See Source

Wild Onion Jack Stout

Wild Onion Jack Stout

Posted by | Now On Tap | No Comments

A very full-bodied oatmeal stout with five different roasted malts and a thick, creamy texture. Served on nitrogen, this ale is truly a meal in a glass.

Brewery: Wild Onion Brewing Co.
Style: Oatmeal Stout
ABV: 6%
Location: Barrington, Illinois


Baderbräu Chicago Pilsner

Posted by | Now On Tap | No Comments

Totally sessionable, this bright, hop-forward Pilsener was first introduced in 1989 right here in Chicago. In a time when “craft beer” did not yet exist in Chicago and pure, flavorful beer was virtually unknown in the US aside from imports —and people thought “Reinheitsghebot” was something you said when someone sneezed— this beer caused quite a stir.

Today, we’ve painstakingly recreated Douglas Babcook’s original, ground-breaking recipe, right down to the exact hops and exclusive yeast strain. Its amber color, spicy hop-forward aroma, malty body, and creamy finish truly set this beer apart from all others.

The late beer critic Michael Jackson called this recipe, “The best pilsener I’ve ever tasted in America.”

We humbly agree.

Please share with your friends, and introduce them to the Baderbräu tradition.

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 38 | SRM: 9 | Decoction: none

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