Baderbräu Chicago Pilsner

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Totally sessionable, this bright, hop-forward Pilsener was first introduced in 1989 right here in Chicago. In a time when “craft beer” did not yet exist in Chicago and pure, flavorful beer was virtually unknown in the US aside from imports —and people thought “Reinheitsghebot” was something you said when someone sneezed— this beer caused quite a stir.

Today, we’ve painstakingly recreated Douglas Babcook’s original, ground-breaking recipe, right down to the exact hops and exclusive yeast strain. Its amber color, spicy hop-forward aroma, malty body, and creamy finish truly set this beer apart from all others.

The late beer critic Michael Jackson called this recipe, “The best pilsener I’ve ever tasted in America.”

We humbly agree.

Please share with your friends, and introduce them to the Baderbräu tradition.

ABV: 4.8% | IBU: 38 | SRM: 9 | Decoction: none

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